Calling Chocolate Chip Lovers

I’m starting off with a classic snack: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

When I first made these delicious cookies, they had been my first, successful recipe that had given me the confidence I needed for baking and cooking. In my younger years, I was notorious for making baked goods tasting like dog food, even though there was never a dog who ate my food and the cats in the alley didn’t even take a sniff at it. Other than the food being unsavory to humans and hazardous for animal consumption, I grew conscious of my food, and it took a while to overcome that insecurity. I suppose using my family as a guinea pig helped, but I also have to give most of the credit to one friend, K-chan. She had made these homemade Oreo cookies for friends and family, but when I bit into her cookies, it did not taste like a cookie. It tasted like a sponge cake, with large air pockets, and the texture was so airy that it evaporated quickly in my mouth like cotton candy. Needless to say, the cookies didn’t come out right; however, it gave everyone a good laugh, including herself. Although she was disappointed, she wasn’t ashamed; she moved onto make other glorious snacks and sweets, which eventually lead to our creation of a zombie cake, but I’ll discuss that in a later post and include pictures and dramatic story-telling.

I made these cookies shortly after meeting Keith, my fiance and someday Hubby.  He doesn’t indulge in anything too rich and sweet, and I can’t seem to resist anything containing sugar in it. So chocolate chip cookies seemed like a happy medium for both of us. I cooked these last week, and they’re already gone. I’ll post the recipe later tonight!


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