All of us at one point have stopped and thought about food. As we sit at our desks working, the smells of hamburgers seep through our windows, the sounds of aluminum crinkle in our ears, and the time suddenly tells us, “It’s time to eat!” Food is more than about taste; it engages all of our senses and is a part of life. Yes it’s our fuel source, but it’s more than that. Food tells us a lot about ourselves and provides us with experiences that are memorable. Drinking double chocolate milkshakes with loved ones or consuming an entire coconut pie with friends were some of the best times I have had. That is why I’ve created “Eats & Life” to share my experiences, tips, and ideas to you and hear your insights too.

Before reading further, I am not a nutritionist or a world-renown chef. My experiences come from working in my own kitchen, reading different recipes, and watching (and falling asleep) to cooking shows. I want to discuss anything and everything about food, but to give you an idea of what I am about; I intend to post my own recipes, reinventions of other recipes, food reviews, and cooking tips. I will occasionally throw in miscellaneous argumentative topics because of my own need to feed the inner debater in me.


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